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Current Issue : Vol.15, Jan-Jun 2023

What is the Impact of Covid-19 on the Tunisian Supply Chain?

Elleuch Fadoi, Semi Boudabbous

Vol.15, Jan-Jun, 2023 1-15

This article aims to provide rough orders of magnitude of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the functioning of Tunisian businesses. Based on a sample of 192 Tunisian companies...

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Analyse the Various Marketing Strategies of Healthcare Insurance Companies Working in UAE

Dr Prashant B. Suryawanshi, Vikas Narayan Aher

Vol.15, Jan-Jun, 2023 16-23

The development of the health sector is one of the most important priorities of policymakers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as it has a direct impact on the citizens’ well-be...

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Using Educational Games and Songs in Teaching English Grammar

Basil Muayed Salah Noori, Bahaa Sarko Bahaa Al-Den, Rasheed Mohammed Rasheed Saeed, Muhame...

Vol.15, Jan-Jun, 2023 24-33

Digital games and using songs play a significant role in the life of the new generation. Although there are many criticisms, many studies focus on the importance of digital games a...

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The Techniques Used in Teaching the Four Skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) in Iraqi Schools

Al-Zahraa Sinan Ali, Duha Ayad Salim, Sajad Ahmed Aziz, Yakeen Jabbar Abu, Al-Hood Zahraa,...

Vol.15, Jan-Jun, 2023 31-43

English has not only become the most generally spoken language, but also the most important language around the world. This bold statement lies in the fact that people around the w...

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