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Strategic Leadership and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Alertness by Application to National Investment Authority

Ali Adnan Marza

National Investment Authority, Iraq, PhD student, Jinan University

Prof. Dr. Jumana Younis

Al-Jinan University, Faculty of Business Administration, Tripoli

42 - 55
Vol.17, Jan-Jun, 2024
Receiving Date: 2023-12-05
Acceptance Date: 2024-01-18
Publication Date: 2024-01-24
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The research aimed to test the effect of strategic leadership in its dimensions (determining the strategic direction, effective management of the organization’s portfolio, maintaining an effective organizational culture, emphasizing ethical practices, establishing a balanced organizational control system) in improving Entrepreneurial Alertness in its dimensions (Attentive survey and research, attentive communication, evaluation) in the National Investment Authority, which includes its general headquarters, directorates, divisions, and units, and given the importance of the variables in the work of the Authority and the various administrative phenomena emerging from its direction in improving its performance in general, it should be looked at from various administrative perspectives, as the research problem arose with the main question (Have you been able to The National Investment Authority decided to adopt the strategic leadership in improving open innovation?), to be a starting point for its goal of adopting the exploratory descriptive approach, and to be more appropriate for the intended purpose, to collect the research questionnaire from previous studies that included (28) items, and distributed to the research community (100) of Its leaders, represented by (the head of the body, the assistant head of the body, the heads of departments, and the directors of divisions), as the research sample was proportional and intentionally determined (85), and then the primary data was collected from it and analyzed using the two statistical programs (SPSS V.28) and through the associated statistical tests. The applied analysis reached the most prominent result embodied in (In addition to the impact of the dimensions of strategic leadership on maintaining an effective organizational culture, determining the strategic direction, and emphasizing ethical practices, while it became clear that the Authority did not employ the dimension of effective portfolio management in improving entrepreneurial alertness.

Keywords: strategic leadership; entrepreneurial alertness; strategic direction; effective management of the authority’s portfolio

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